Understanding the Role of Technology in Executive Protection

Understanding the Role of Technology in Executive Protection post thumbnail image

Introduction: On the planet of executive protection, probably the most crucial expertise that a expert could have is defensive driving a car. While you are in charge of the protection of another particular person, you have to be capable to expect and prevent possible hazards on your way. Here are a few defensive traveling methods that every executive protection specialist ought to know.

Checking the Area Ahead

Just about the most important matters you can do while traveling is always to constantly scan the spot in advance for probable hazards. What this means is seeking not only in the cars before you but also in the cars to the side and at the back of you. You should also keep an eye out for people on the streets, wildlife, and other hurdles that can potentially result in a car accident. By constantly checking the region near you, you will be far better ready to respond to any possible dangers.

Maintaining a secure Length Between Automobiles

It is very important constantly have a secure length involving the car along with the vehicle before you. This will provide you with enough time to end if possible and also will ensure it is not as likely your car will be involved in a back-finish accidents. The rule of thumb is always to depart one car length for each 10 miles per hour that you are currently vacationing. So, in case you are driving a car 30 miles per hour, you need to abandon three vehicle measures between yourself as well as the car in front of you.

Observing for Driving Hazards

Particular traveling risks are more typical than others. Some examples are things like awful conditions, development zones, and highway rage. As being an executive protection specialist, it can be your work to anticipate these risks and make a plan to prevent them. For instance, should you be looking forward to bad weather conditions, you might like to permit yourself additional time to acquire your location heading to help you spend some time and push safely and securely. If you see a development area forward, you may want to modify lanes or slow to help you travel through it safely. And if you find warning signs of streets rage, including Tailgating or competitive completing, it is essential to relax and get away from stepping into a confrontation with all the other motorist.


Protective driving is an essential talent for just about any vip protection course professional. By using these defensive driving ideas, it is possible to help in keeping your buyer risk-free while on the highway.

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