A Simple Trick to Emptying a Slot Machine with a Magnet

A Simple Trick to Emptying a Slot Machine with a Magnet post thumbnail image

Emptying a slot unit with a magnet is one of the earliest and most well-known strategies for cheated. It’s also certainly one of the simplest ways to get caught and blocked from a on line casino. Why performs this method keep on to be used by cheaters? Basically, it’s since it works. Magnets can disrupt the indicators that tell the slot unit when to pay out, tricking the equipment into considering it’s struck the jackpot. Proceed to go through to find out more about What is casino? (¿Qué es casino?)? .

Needless to say, gambling establishments are familiar with this procedure of cheating and possess undertaken steps to stop it. But that doesn’t mean that cheaters don’t still give it a try. In reality, there seemed to be a the latest case by which a gentleman was found and arrested for seeking to use a magnet to empty a slot unit in Vegas. In case you’re thinking of cheating by utilizing a magnet, be warned: you could potentially wind up in prison.

How Magnets Operate on Slot Machines

Slot machines use detectors to find when coins or tokens have already been inserted. These detectors can be found in the coin hopper, which can be the part of the equipment where coins or tokens are placed after they are placed. The detectors find coin exercise and deliver signs to the microprocessor, which accounts for managing the payout device.

Through the use of a magnet on the coin hopper, cheaters can disrupt these signals and technique the device into believing that coins or tokens are already put whenever they haven’t. This could cause the microprocessor to initialize the payment process, emptying the hopper of its materials.

Gambling establishment Countermeasures

Most gambling establishments nowadays use modern slot machines that are much more difficult to cheat with magnets. These machines are equipped with unique anti-unfaithful devices that find when magnets are employed on them. If magnets are identified, the unit will automatically turn off and prevent any longer engage in. Sometimes, an alarm will noise to alert safety that someone is attempting to cheat.


Magnets can be utilized to cheat on slot machines, but accomplishing this will probably result in acquiring caught and banned from the casino—or worse. So unless you’re willing to take that chance, we recommend steering clear of this process of unfaithful entirely.


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